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INVENTORY UPDATED:  February 17, 2015

  4'x8' SHEETS  (Full-Size Sheets) with STANDARD PAPER FACER material

Insulation                         LTTR*           Sheets              Square            Bunks                Price
Thickness                     R-Value            per                 Feet Per             in                     per

In Inches     Grade          (15 year)          Bunk                 Bunk              Stock               Bunk 

2.5              Overrun         15.3                 19                    608                   1                   300.00

2.8              Overrun         16.8                 17                    544                   0                   300.00
3.1              Overrun         18.6                 15                    480                   2                   300.00
3.2              Overrun         19.2                 15                    480                    0                  300.00
3.3              Overrun         20.1                 14                    448                   24                 300.00
3.5              Seconds        21.2                 13                    416                     2                  250.00
3.5              Overrun         21.2                 13                    416                    2                   300.00

4.0              Seconds        25.0                 12                    384                     0                  250.00
4.0              Overrun         25.0                 12                    384                     0                  300.00

TABLE 2:  4'x4' SHEETS  (Half-Size Sheets) with STANDARD PAPER FACER material

Insulation                         LTTR*            4' X 4'               Square            Bunks                Price
Thickness                     R-Value          Sheets              Feet Per             in                     per

In Inches     Grade          (15 year)        Per  Bunk             Bunk              Idaho                Bunk 

1.75            Overrun                                                                                   0                   300.00
3.0              Overrun         18.5                 32                    512                    1                   300.00
3.5              Overrun         21.2                 26                    416                   24                  300.00
4.0              Overrun         25.0                 24                    384                   11                  300.00

Note:  A "BUNK" is a volume measurement of 4'x8'x4' -  The same as a "CORD" used in firewood trade (128 cubic feet).

    *  Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) values provide a 15-year time-weighted average in accordance with CAN/ULC-S770.
** Half-inch material is subject to voids and/or pockets that could degrade the sheet's insulating quality and thus is priced lower.

Please note that sheet thickness tolerance is + or -  1/6th  inch, and thus sheet measurement may vary from bunk-to-bunk and sheet-to-sheet.  If your application requires sheet thickness accuracy to be better than this, or would have a "not to exceed" or minimum thickness, let me know.  Under most circumstances I can screen sheets/bunks to your special tolerance needs for free on smaller orders.  For larger orders I may have to charge something for my time.

Remember:  If you don’t find the exact thickness material you want, the same R-Value is achieved by using multiple layers of thinner sheets.  And the cost is the same since the material is priced by the cubic foot- not square footage.  So, for example, if you want to fill the 3.5” void between 2X4 wall studs, you can stack two 1.5” sheets along with a ½” sheet to completely fill that 3.5” cavity while having a R-21 insulation value- the same as a single 3.5” sheet would provide.

All prices F.O.B. Grace, Idaho 83241

6% Idaho State Sales Tax charged on all non-exempt sales.  Exempt sales are those where the material is shipped by a licensed COMMERCIAL CARRIER or Zinsulation outside of the state of Idaho.



Since a fair percentage of my sales come from the Northern Wasatch Front, I usually make a FREE delivery run every other week to the North Ogden/Brigham City area.  Those delivery days are usually on a Sunday afternoon. Depending on your location and quantity ordered I might even be able to deliver right to your home/business.  You may need to bring some help if your order is more than a bunk or two.





My vehicle liability insurance company will allow me to deliver material within a 500-mile radius of Grace, Idaho.  Based on the current fuel price, my actual cost per mile driven  is around $0.90/mile.  I can schedule delivery to your home/business for my actual cost under most circumstances.  Remember, I have to charge the $0.90 per TOTAL miles (round trip) even though I only carry material on the outbound trip.  I can carry as many as 10 bunks per load but the freight price is the same whether I am delivering 1 sheet or 10 bunks since the truck’s MPG varies little either way. 

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