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There is still a large quantity of SECONDS grade material that needs to be sorted, inventoried and posted on this page.  That is an ongoing project.
  The few remaining OVERRUN grade bunks listed below ARE THE LAST as the manufacturer upgraded the production equipment to no longer produce non-compliant material.

  4'x8' SHEETS

Thick      Grade       Sheets/Bunk       Bunks in Stock      Price/Bunk
1.0"           Seconds            48                                    3                    300.00
1.0"          Seconds/R         48                                    3                    350.00
2.0"          Seconds/R         24                                    1                    350.00
2.4"           Seconds            20                                    1                    300.00
2.8"           Seconds            17                                  1.75                 300.00
2.9"           Seconds            16                                    2                    300.00
3.0"           Seconds            16                                    1                    300.00
3.4"           Seconds            14                                   0.5                  300.00
3.7"           Seconds            12                                    1                    300.00

material uses a rigid and waterproof FIBER & RESIN facer material, not the standard dark paper facer.

  4'x4' SHEETS

Thick      Grade       Sheets       Stock       Price
1.75"         Overrun        48 4x4             1            350.00
3.0"         Overrun/R      32 4x4             6            400.00
3.5"           Overrun        26 4x4             8            350.00
4.0"           Overrun        24 4x4             66          350.00

Note:  A "BUNK" is a volume measurement of 4'x8'x4' -  The same as a "CORD" used in firewood trade (128 cubic feet).


Please note that sheet thickness tolerance is + or -  1/6th  inch, and thus sheet measurement may vary from bunk-to-bunk and sheet-to-sheet.  If your application requires sheet thickness accuracy to be better than this, or would have a "not to exceed" or minimum thickness, let me know.  Under some circumstances I can screen sheets/bunks to your special tolerance needs for free on smaller orders.  For larger orders I may have to charge something for my time.

Remember:  If you don’t find the exact thickness material you want, the same R-Value is achieved by using multiple layers of thinner sheets.  And the cost is the same since the material is priced by the cubic foot- not square footage.  So, for example, if you want to fill the 3.5” void between 2X4 wall studs, you can stack two 1.5” sheets along with a ½” sheet to completely fill that 3.5” cavity while having a R-21 insulation value- the same as a single 3.5” sheet would provide.

All prices F.O.B. Grace, Idaho 83241

6% Idaho State Sales Tax charged on all non-exempt sales.  Exempt sales are those where the material is shipped by a licensed COMMERCIAL CARRIER or Zinsulation outside of the state of Idaho.

Since a fair percentage of my sales come from the Northern Wasatch Front, I usually make a FREE delivery run every month or two to the North Ogden/Brigham City area.  Those delivery days are usually on a Sunday afternoon. Depending on your location and quantity ordered I might even be able to deliver right to your home/business.  You may need to bring some help if your order is more than a bunk or two.





I can schedule delivery to your home/business for my actual cost under most circumstances.  The price is $0.85 per TOTAL miles (round trip) even though I only carry material on the outbound trip.  My current trailer can carry as many as 9 bunks per load but the freight price is the same whether I am delivering 1 bunk or 10 bunks since the truck’s MPG varies little either way. I can also arrange full-truck-load (FTL) commercial freight (semi- ractor-trailer) or put you in touch with a trusted freight broker.

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